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The August of 1916 – a month to be remembered in the history of printing and publishing in Karnataka. Three eminent persons – Bharata Ratna Sir M.Visvesvaraya (The father of Modern Karnataka State), Sir K.P.Puttanna Chetty (After who the Bangalore Town Hall is named), and Sir Rao Bahaddur Hayavadana Rao (The polyglot and economist) – got together to co-found a company – The Bangalore Printing and Publishing Company Ltd., (known in short as ‘THE BANGALORE PRESS’ and what a revolution it brought in the field of printing & publishing!

The seeds that were sown has now grown up into one of the most strong, big and reliable enterprise that has come up in the land of Sandalwood, and the name of THE BANGALORE PRESS has become a common name not only in households of Karnataka, but also on the walls and tables of various national and multi-national companies in Bangalore.

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